Dr. Sophie Arbour

Dr. Christian Thibault
Orthodontic Services

Our team is composed of very caring and competent individuals. We are always at your disposal to listen and attend to your needs. Your satisfaction is our priority while we offer you professional care of exceptional quality in all confidentiality.

As a graduate of the University of Montreal in 2000, Dr. Sophie Arbour started her career as a dental hygienist. Loving the dental environment and the profession, she pursued her studies to obtain her doctorate in dental medicine. She then inaugurated the opening of CliniDentaire in the Terrebonne area in the same year in 2000.

Dr. Sophie Arbour and her team exhibit an innovative attentive approach based on the individual dental needs of the client. She also specializes in aesthetic care to offer you the possibility of having the smile of your dreams.

Our team, our most precious resource
All of our professionals are graduates of recognized institutions in their field of expertise and pursue continuous training to keep up with new information and knowledge pertaining to the needs of tomorrow. They are fully capable of providing explanations and necessary information when you consult them on your visit.

Our goal is to attend to the needs of the whole family by providing care and treatments of superior quality.


1487 boulevard Grande Allée
Terrebonne, Québec
J6W 6J2

Telephone: 450-961-DENT(3368)
Fax: 450-961-4675

email: rdv@clinidentaire.com

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